Sunday, May 29, 2011

In solitude-The world. The flesh. The devil


Metal Blade

Sweden's In solitude have been knocking around for almost a decade now. The cranked out a few demos and a debut full length a few years ago. Now we get treated to their follow up. In recent years we have certainly seen so many bands that are trying to resurrect a sound from the early-mid 80's. That's fine by me since that's a sound I first got into back in my early days of discovering metal. However copying an old style isn't enough. You have to add something of your ideas into the sound as well. These guys look like they climbed right out of 1983 and they sound like it too only with better production values of course. If Mercyful Fate had been slightly more upbeat and had a touch of Diamond Head thrown in then they would sound like In solitude. So the influences are obvious, but this band puts their own stamp onto their music as well. The sounds range mind spinning riffs to absolutely haunting. Certainly one of the better old style metal albums that I have heard in recent months. Fans of classic metal should find, plenty here to enjoy.

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