Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shining Steel-Heavy Rockers


I like it when an album's title describes what's waiting for you inside. On Shining Steel's 2010 demo "Heavy Metal Shock" I was treated to shockingly good 80s style French heavy metal. And now on their latest album "Heavy Rockers" I'm greeted by some true metal that flat out rocks! Formed in 2009 Shining Steel are the latest in a long line of killer French heavy metal bands. Picking up where the likes of Blaspheme, Warning and Sortilege left off Shining Steel are a good sign that the French heavy metal scene is indeed growing again. Like many hometown bands before them Shining Steel choose to sing in their native language. This will limit their appeal to many although the language of heavy metal is universal to people like me. Loud and proud is the way to go no matter what part of the world your from! "Respirer" might be sung in French but that doesn't stop it coming through as a hard edged/ traditional rock number. "Liberte" proved to be my favorite track. The band is able to mix melody with the metal without losing any spark. Never mind the fact that even in French the chorus is addictive! ADX, High Power and Satan Jokers all might stake a claim to the sound on this album but Shining Steel sound fresh and modern. I've tried without any luck to knock the cobwebs out some and pin-point American or European bands that sound like Shining Steel. You'll just have to take a leap of fate and understand that Shining Steel stand for true metal. With this review I must mention that within the next week or so I hope to start up a new segment called French Metal Friday. For such a rich history of heavy metal bands France has been overlooked. I hope to correct that and shine some light on the history of metal in France with articles and reviews. Beyond maybe the band Trust most people don't realize how many great bands there were/are in France. Shining Steel might be the latest but they won't be the last. Their debut full length is available on CD as well as LP. I picked it up on both and have no regrets! A simply stunning and refreshing album that showcases Shining Steel's ability to craft true heavy metal.


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