Sunday, May 29, 2011


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BLACKWOLFGOAT is the solo drone/ambient project from ex-HACKMAN/MILLIGRAM guitarist Darryl Shepard. "Dragonwizardsleeve" was the debut album released last year if I'm not mistaken. "DRONOLITH" follows closely in the footsteps of BLACKWOLFGOAT's first album. Limited to just 100 hand-numbered gatefold digi-sleeve copies if you want a copy I'd suggest jumping on it a.s.s.p. With a 46-minute run time you will discover how quickly this album comes and goes. Shepard continues to improve upon his product. Progressive is the name of the game as his music creates a shifting landscape of fuzzed out guitars/ambient noise. His creative use of atmosphere is most striking of all. The album creates the impression that this was an act of improvised music. Its as if Shepard just sat down and let his mind carry his music wherever it would go. Consider this album to be the art of experimentation at it's highest peak. Simply gorgeous!


Blogger Metal Mark said...

I liked Darryl's work with Hackman so I need to check this one out.

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