Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Job for a Cowboy-Gloom

Metal Blade Records

Truth be told I should give these guys serious props for their name. For a death metal band to have such a unique name (especially in a field that can be as deadly serious as this) shows character. Pity that 2005's Brokeback Mountain forever changed for me the idea of cowboys and what their "jobs" might be. While I would rather have my eyeballs plucked out before I'd actually see the film it's reputation has forever ruined the old image of dusty and dirty rugged cowboys. Founded in Glendale, Arizona during December of 2003 Job for a Cowboy are what I'd call a dusty, dirty and rugged death metal band. Having built up the band's success from the ground up ( taking over the Internet through MySpace and Youtube) they caught the attention of Metal Blade Records. Genesis would be their 2007 debut for the label (they had released an EP called Doom two years earlier) followed by Ruination in 2009. Now we have the four song EP Gloom to entertain us. The new EP will be available digitally and physically via mail-order only on June 7th. The EP features the re-invigorated lineup of Jonny Davy, Jon "Charn" Rice, Al Glassman and new guitarist Tony Sannicandro. Currently on the road with label mates Between The Buried And Me and The Ocean (on the Peter Says Denim Tour) the band sounds as brutal as always. In fact this is fist-in-yo-face brutal metal with a charm all its own. The group may have started out playing deathcore but make no mistake Job for a Cowboy are now a death band first and foremost. Just straight laced and pure death metal that (while not the most original in nature) is at least played with conviction. While I might never be able to look at their name without wanting to hurl for me at least Job for a Cowboy are what death metal should sound like and that is a fine thing.


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