Monday, June 06, 2011

PESTE NOIRE-L'Ordure à l'État Pur

Transcendental Creations

Founded by La sale Famine de Valfunde in 2000 as a solo black metal project Peste Noire has carved out quite a catalog. As the creative force since the start La sale Famine de Valfunde has managed yet again to craft quite an interesting take on the genre. Mixing in French folk melodies gives things an almost whimsical feel. Sung in French and played with a perverse Carnival nature in mind this is one weird ride. Samples from what I must assume are porn and horror flicks sprinkle down on the music making this black metal seem otherworldly. For those who want a taste of something different Peste Noire truly do offer that. There is heavy and hard edged moments throughout rest assured. And yet it does seem slightly aimed more toward being just demented. This one is different that's for sure.


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