Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Black Dahlia Murder-Ritual

Metal Blade Records

I've always thought that Detroit, Michigan of all places seems like an odd place to find a band so tightly wrapped in the Swedish melodic death metal style. Take out a world map and if one was to guess where you'd find one of the premiere bands of the genre chances are it wouldn't be in the birthplace of Motown. And yet the ease in which The Black Dahlia Murder pull it off makes you wonder if they were somehow transplanted to Detroit by mistake. While the group lay claim to such influences as old fashioned metal, hardcore and punk to these ears melodic death runs in their veins along with fire and venom. Ritual is just the latest example that the band knows how to craft music that will rip your ears off and then feed them to you. Vocalist Trevor Strnad sounds killer leading the group through this onslaught. Twists bring about melodic speed metal and thunderous thrash to go along with throat grabbing death on Ritual. Never a dull moment with these guys and Ritual looks likely to just add to their legacy. These guys came into their own years ago and are no longer followers but leaders.


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