Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Orange Goblin box set

Metal Blade

Okay so Metal Blade decided a box set of five albums from British stoner act Orange Goblin. We get 1997-Frequencies from Planet Ten (1997), Time Travelling Blues
(1998),The Big Black (2000), Coup De Grace (2002) and Thieving from the House of God (2004). The total is 67 tracks and that my friends is a whole lot of fuzzed out rawk and roll, but on top of that are treated to bonus tracks on each disc. The bonus tracks include demos, live cuts and several covers. Some bonus tracks stick out like sore thumbs or feel tacked on, but most of the extras here compliment the studio material and will surely be welcome additions to fans. Through the five albums you can hear the path the band has taken. Their earlier albums were far more Sabbath inspired as well as a bit more spaced out. The later albums take in more punk rock influences and become a bit more straight forward. I enjoy both styles and all five albums. Orange Goblin had promised a new album in 2009 and it has yet to see the light of day. Perhaps a new album will or will not be released soon, but at least fans can enjoy the box set with it's fine extra tracks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw them live this past Friday night. They were pretty good.

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