Monday, June 27, 2011



This album was originally released in 2007 and received many accolades. Moribund records is putting it out with a bonus track. The move is probably to get even more people excited for the band's next album which is supposed to come out late in 2011. This is slow, plodding doom mixed with black metal. The mood is intentionally depressive and mission accomplished there as the songs (most averaging well over ten minutes in length) will drag you down with them. The sounds are deep and low often pulling upon a slow dream/nigthmare like state of mind. This isn't always my favorite style, but I turned on somewhat low, sat back and absorbed what I could. I admire the band's persistance and vision to keep these songs plodding along. It works for me although more as background music than anything else, but I found enough tones and dark moments to maintain my attention. The major drawback was that the amoung of repitition can bore the crap out of you before you make it to the end of some of the songs. I imagine some tightening up in the songwriting department will fix that. I hope to see more of that on the next release. Still if nerves and patience are ready then you may find enough on this release to interest you.

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