Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seven sisters of sleep-s/t

Southern Lord

This album has eight tracks, but runs around twenty minutes. So that would put it around the length of an EP. That format doesn't seem to happen too much in the doom realm. So in a way Seven sisters of sleep have created a doom album for fans who like the sound, but not necessarily the rambling length that so many acts of this genre swear by. This is a dark, brooding album for the most part. However don't expect lofty, lingering vocals because they go for more of the growling almost hardcore approach. The roaring beast like vocals give the album an extra boost, but at first they seem a bit foreign against the sludge driven musical landscape. There are some rough spots where a stronger direction might have helped the band out. Regardless of a few rocky places this was still a very exciting and engaging album. I think the shorter format suited their style just fine, but they were so good that I wish they had added on a few more tracks. The cover art is amazing as well.

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