Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tornado-Amsterdamn, Hellsinki

Listenable Records

This American, Dutch and Finnish band looks to answer the age old question what would SLAYER sound like crossed with MOTLEY CRÜE ? Well, maybe you and I have never asked that question but someone must have because the result is TORNADO. While that seems to at least be the premise of TORNADO (according to their bio at least) and I'm sure they honestly believe those influences the result wasn't too far out there. To these ears the end result sounds more like Joey Belladonna era ANTHRAX that anything else. Sure that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about ANTHRAX. If your like me and you love what ANTHRAX was doing during the late 80s and early 90s then TORNADO while agree with you. For a band (or any new band rather) it is hard not to sound like various other acts that have come before you. If your going to sound like another band it is at least good to pick a good one right? In other words this will be enough for those of you who love older ANTHRAX like I do. It isn't cut and dry ANTHRAX mind you. I can hear the SLAYER and the sleaze influences clear enough. And what TORNADO do they do well. These guys can play and lead vocalist Superstar Joey Severance is great on the mic. The leads are smoking hot and the rhythm section is tight. It's all there and quite honestly it is a fun listen. It has a old school charm going for it and the band crafts catchy speed metal/thrash that flat out rocks like I said. Interesting enough just like with early ANTHRAX there is a punk/crossover feeling to be found on Amsterdamn, Hellsinki and some of that same humor as evident on the cut "Diva". What can I say other than I liked this one even if it does sound a tad familiar. This one is a keeper.


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