Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wolf/Kruizer-Echos Of The Past

Split, High Roller Records

Released at the start of 2011 this split just now landed in my hands thanks to a friend. This one is also limited to just 500 copies with 150 being a sweet blue/ black blend vinyl. The LP comes with a 20 page booklet that details the history of one Wally Rumsey (lead guitar) and his adventures with Wolf and Kruizer. Since he is the only thing that connects both bands (and since Wolf's end pretty much ran smack into the start of Kruizer) it seems fair to say this is all about Wally. This is NWOBHM territory we are talking about, but both bands do exhibit slightly different sounds. Wolf (not to be confused with the Wolf from Cumbria who were formerly Black Axe) display nice heavy rock full of emotional guitar playing. Both heavy and melodic Wolf also add in small amounts of classic rock (Cream style!) and even some proto-rock/new wave music. Kruizer meanwhile are more in line with Jaguar, Witchfynde or even Satan (as their promo material points out) and other than the lyrically awful "Rain" offer underestimated NWOBHM. The material on Echos Of The Past was collected from Wolf's lone single and the one demo that Kruizer managed to put out. This nice LP set from High Roller Records offers a great look into two bands who came and went with far too little fanfare. Thanks to labels like High Roller Records we get another chance to discover this long lost classic. It is great to hear this one yet again with an improved sound and neat package. NWOBHM fans will surely want to check this one out. It is a limited run though so better scope it up soon. You snooze you lose on this one!


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