Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sinister Realm-The Crystal Eye

Shadow Kingdom Records

Allentown, Pennsylvania band Sinister Realm are another band looking to ride the rails of the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal train. Formed in 2008 by bassist John Gaffney (formerly of Pale Divine) and drummer Darin McCloskey (also Pale Divine and Falcon) Sinister Realm began with a mission to play heavy metal straight out the early 80’s (think acts like Dio, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and of course Iron Maiden). Joined by vocalist Alex Kristof, lead guitarist Keith Patrick and rhythm guitarist Keith Patrick they quickly found a loyal following. The band would gain well deserved recognition thanks in no small part to their self-titled debut album. Released in 2009 the album had all the hallmarks of classic heavy metal but with a nice twist of doom added on for that special touch. With The Crystal Eye the group has returned with a new drummer, Chris Metzger, and a new lead guitarist, John Risko. The sound and mission remain the same though. Classic heavy metal first and foremost is what Sinister Realm is all about. Listening to The Crystal Eye brings in thoughts of Dio at first. This is finely crafted heavy metal and a real reminder that there are still bands playing straight ahead hard rock/heavy metal despite the fact this style still takes the back seat to thrash and black death these days. As with their first album doom also makes a guest appearance on several cuts and while it is most likely to be thought of as a Black Sabbath look I thought I detected some Witchfinder General. The fact is Sinister Realm should be looked at as being among the best of the new crop of NWOTHM bands. Hopefully The Crystal Eye opens up new doors for the band as they rightfully deserve it.


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