Monday, July 25, 2011

Thin Lizzy-Live in concert 1983

XXL Media

This show was filmed in Dublin, Ireland in 1983 on the Thunder and Lightning. We get 11 tracks all of decent quality. Phil Lynott is obviously very subdued here, either he's tired or it's due to substances or some of both. He sounds fine and his playing is on, but the fire in his performance is lacking in this show. It's mainly up to guitarists John Sykes and Scott Gorham to keep the energy level up on this night and mainly they do just that. As they keep the tempo going and their solos serve to keep the crowd engaged. The set actually starts out a bit sluggish with "Thunder and lightning" and "Baby please don't go" coming off being not even quite as good as their studio counterparts. By about "Are you ready?" and "Cold Sweat" the band seems tighter and from there on out the show heats up to a simmer at least. The high points for me are probably "Emerald" and "Still in love with you" and the crowd is very excited by these tow selections as well. The picture quality is fuzzy, but overall alright. There are limited camera angles, but at least the camera work is steady enough. It would have been nice to see more scenes of the crowd because they seemed really into it. Yet the most we are backs of their heads and some shots of their raised hands. I would have preferred seeing some face shots to see some expression. The sound quality is fair, but low and muddy at times. Any time you get to see a Thin Lizzy show is a treat because their grooves always shown through no matter what. Still there are better live shows out there and this one is more for completists than the casual fan.

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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Agreed that any time you get to see a Thin Lizzy show is a treat, even if muddled. I've not seen this, but I'd be interested on principle. I know my Devo DVD is a vintage '82 show that is excellent on show and miserable a lot of times on the video. It's getting to catch what you can that makes it worth the eye strain.

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