Sunday, August 07, 2011

Squash Bowels-Tnyribal [reissue]

Selfmadegod Records

Polish goregrind band Squash Bowels were formed in 1994 and released all sorts of demos, live albums and splits before releasing their debut in 2000. Originally offered on Czech record label Obscene Productions the release proved to be quite rare. Now though Polish metal label Selfmadegod Records is stepping in to offer a re-issue. The new Selfmadegod version of Tnyribal is housed in a 6-panel digipak with completely new artwork and fully redesigned layout. Sure the package might be new, but this is still some sick shit. These kings of goregrind play hyperactive noise that must be heard to be appreciated. This is blasting grind played at unreal speeds with the sole purpose of causing heads to explode. Evil has a name and it is Tnyribal!


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