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Andy says-
Formed in 1978 Girlschool are not only one of the longest lasting NWOBHM bands, but also the longest running all-female rock band. Quite an accomplishment for a band that has fought to be taken seriously in an industry that too often considers female rock acts to be a novelty. While the band got their first real break thanks to Lemmy of Motorhead fame there should be no doubt that their music speaks for itself loud and clear. While the Runaways got all the press Girlschool were the real deal. Their's was (and still is) the sound of heavy metal during the early years of NWOBHM. Other than some lackluster albums in the eighties the band has never stopped being about heavy metal. Those early recordings are just as important to the history of the genre as bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon, Angel Witch and Diamondhead. While my first real introduction to the band came courteous of their association with Motorhead it didn't take me long to realize just how good the band was. Musically they took hard rock and traditional heavy metal and took it to a whole new level. Women in rock had never been as heavy as Girlschool or as vocal about their desire to compete on the same stage as their male counterparts. For those looking into the band for the first time I'd suggest getting your hands on a copy of 1981's Hit And Run. This rough and ready album climbed to #5 in the British charts at the time and still sounds like a band who were hungry for success. Still active the band's last studio album was 2008's Legacy. Rumor has it that Girlschool are currently in a studio re-recording their 1981 album Hit and Run. Another classic album Hit and Run is coming up on it's 30th anniversary and is another release that should be heard for those who love NWOBHM. While it seems as if I've talked quite a bit about the fact that Girlschool are an all female band really you need to judge the group on the strength of their music alone. The band crafted catchy songs that capture the spirit and energy of NWOBHM. Female or not Girlschool rocked the movement and still stand tall as a band with a mission.

Metal Mark says-I think that I first heard Girlschool around 1985-86 on the Metalshop radio show. I didn't know what to expect from then, but was immediately taken by their no-nonsense pure heavy rock sound. Many metal mags of the day always tried to make a point about them being an all female band. I never really thought much about that point because it didn't matter about gender, it just mattered that they knew how to crank out fist pumping, head banging music. To me that's their major contribution. They certainly fit in with the NWOBHM sound as they pulled upon 70's influences, but pulled them into the new decade of the 80's. Like many NWOBHM bands I think their best material was their earliest material. They had some success on their side of the Atlantic early on, but dabbled in some different approaches later on to try and gain more success, but it didn't really work. Ultimately they should and will be remembered for their earlier work which is prime NWOBHM material.

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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Hails to the Girlschool. It'd be a shame if they were re-recording, but no doubt, this is one of the most gifted and frequently intense hard rocks of all-time, male or female.

3:42 AM  
Blogger The Mule said...

I was lucky enough to see them opening for Iron Maiden and Scorpions in 1982. I remember that they looked tiny on that massive stage, but they sure rocked.

7:47 AM  

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