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Kansas City, Kansas act Banshee were formed in 1985. Before the band adopted a more commercial hard rock sound (as seen on their full-length debut 1989's Race Against Time) they released Cry In The Night. An independent release this 5 song EP was originally issued in 1986. Metal Blade Records came knocking and re-released the EP in 1988. Unfortunately it was lost in the shuffle of Metal Blade's one-off releases which is a shame because it has a lot to offer for fans of American power metal. The EP kicks off with a bang thanks to the rocker "We Want You". Your treated to classic metal complete with shouted vocals, heavy guitar and thunderous drums not unlike a cross between Leatherwolf and Armed Force. "Back Your Way" is hard rock mixed with power metal making it something along the lines of Dio meets Iron Maiden with a hint of L.A. sleaze. Now despite the hints of hard rock here and there this EP has more in common with the likes of Jag Panzer than the group's later material. While Banshee would explore more of the glam/hard rock sound that was all the rage in the late 80s/early 90s this one work proved that they were born of true heavy metal. Next up on the EP is "I believe" and as others have pointed out before me this one sports a blatant rip-off of Rush's "In The End" from their Fly By Night album. Despite this the number is quite heavy and crunch worthy. "The Stranger" follows with a melodic metal flavor. This one could have been a single with the right push. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is all dependant on your point of view. While Not exactly the EP's highpoint it is decent enough. Thankfully Banshee leaves their title cut for last because this is the way to end a EP! I missed out on this EP the first time around and really only discovered it again thanks in no small part to the excellent blog site A Reasonable Guide To Horrible Noise. There the blog administrator is right when he says that this metallic foot stomper channels everything from Iron Maiden to early Exciter. Quite right this one track is hotter than hades and is nothing short of a power metal classic. Great guitar playing makes this one a heavy handed number. It really is a shame Banshee decided to go the way of Motley Crue and Poison. While the follow up albums are heavy in places there is just too much of a glam/hard rock leaning to make them enjoyable. This one EP was melodic in places and yet heavy enough to just make it qualify to be power metal.


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