Monday, August 01, 2011

The Silent Rage-Harvester of souls


A Silent Rage hail from Greece and knocked out a demo in 2006 and an EP in 2009. Their latest offering "Harvester of souls" is a five track EP consisting of three old songs and two new ones. Opener "Perished in flames" storm on with a heavy yet melodic approach reminding me of early Gamma Ray crossed with a touch of Judas Priest. "Inner Scars" comes with blazing riffs and soars higher once the track gets going. It definitely has a Helloween/Gamma Ray feel. "Leading the legions" is a monster with a mountainous thudding beat propelling it along. The title track in up next with a sharp and punchy riff leading the way. This song has a fantastic flow and the band never lets up the charge. "Wings of tragedy" closes out the album in fine fashion as the band steps it up a notch and adds some bite to their attack. A Silent Rage have cranked out five solid tracks of power metal with a strong classic metal sound at the core of their sound. Can't wait to hear what they can do on a full length effort.

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