Sunday, July 31, 2011


PATAC Records

Back in late 2010 Akron, Ohio's Fistula got a lot of local press when they announced that 100 copies of their album "Goat" would contain a bonus gift baggie containing soil that was reportedly taken from the front yard of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell. Now "murderabilia" being the big hit that it is no doubt allowed Fistula to sell a few more copies of the concept album than it normally would have. Although admittedly serial killers have always been a favorite topic for heavy metal and thrash bands so was it really all that shocking? A concept album about a guy who is charged with the aggravated murder of the 11 women and attacks on three others might seem morbid, but it isn't new either. That said there just might be something a tad evil about Fistula. Even as the band calls their music “downtrodden, face in the gutter doom” that might just be a tad kind. This is nasty doom sludge. It reeks of death and is covered with maggots. "Loser" as it is is fueled by the four "D"s- Divorce, Dependency, Depression, and Destruction. That has been Fistula in a nutshell this last year so its no wonder "Loser" is as shit-faced ugly as it is. This stuff doesn't so much play on your speakers as creep out of them waiting to dissolve you in it's putrid, toxic waste. Approach this one carefully. You've been warned.


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