Monday, August 29, 2011

Thrall-Vermin to the Earth


Austrailian black metal act Thrall made a splash in 2010 thanks to their full-length debut album "Away from the Haunts of Men" . Here it is a year later and "Vermin to the Earth" looks likely to make the same sort of impact. While the album's lyrics are a dedication of sorts to man's downfall (cheerful eh?) the music is darker, more sinister and can you say rockin'? Yeah, "Vermin to the Earth" is just the latest example of rock n' roll black metal. Not all of it mind you (as there are still crusty nods to classic black metal) but there is enough zombiefied 60's/70's rock touches to make you wonder what you ever did without this new genre. So, if you do the math black metal+garage rock+evil=Thrall. Good times.


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