Monday, September 12, 2011

Brutal Truth-End Time


Brutal Truth are probably known for two things, one that they play blazing grindcore and the other that they feature in their ranks former Anthrax/Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker. Brutal Truth knocked out several albums in the 1990's and stayed active during that decade, but then the members went their own wasy for a while. Then a new version was formed a few years ago and this year's "End Time" is their second album since reforming. It's everything you'd expect from this band which is mostly short tracks focusing around quick blasts of noise and fuzz. In the mind-numbing world of grindcore the difference between a quality product and pointless noise relies not so much on speed but rather on the various sounds and layers that tossed in the middle of the chaos. Brutal Truth know to put a lot into a brief time frame and then send the whole thing swirling around like a nasty tornado on a devestating path. Like most grindcore this is something I have to be in the mood for but these guys are still one of the top bands in their field.

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