Friday, September 09, 2011



Normally when I think of viking metal I think of there being pace and style changes with chants, different instruments and variety of emotions being stirred up throughout. Einherjer are veterans who have been going at it for almost twenty years. Despite their experience don't expect much of the above from this album. These guys try to take the easy road and go for a very one dimensional style that sounds like some songs they came up with to sing during a long night of drinking. Unfortunately if you listen to this sober you may hear it for what it really is which is painfully dull. There are a fewer slower moments where the music briefly pulled me in. However the vocals and heavier parts of the music are so stale that they make it hard to take. The opener is 13 minutes long and it felt more half an hour. The other tracks are mercifully shorter, but not that much better Everything that's going on here is likely something you have heard before many times over and probably done with more energy and in less time. Give this one a pass.

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