Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Enormicon-Storm of swords



Now I must admit that what drew me into wanting to hear this album was the album title. If you go and call your album "Storm of swords" then you better sound like a raging army storming down a hill with fire in your eyes and sharpened steel in your hands. Hailing from Denton, Texas Enormicon do manage their fair share of aggressive moments on this EP. This is deep down, rough and raw stoner rock with a few rambling passages mixed in. Sounding smooth is not something these guys will be accused of anytime soon. However they make noisy chaos sound very impressive. Their sound calls on the likes of High on Fire, early Mastodon and others. They never take a straight path as they instead go everywhere with flying riffs and frenzied beats going in multiple directions. They sound like a pack of wild beasts all following different plans at times yet somehow it all works out. They hold nothing back yet still have control over all that they conjuring here. The images in their lyrics are frequently brutal and the music compliments those topics. A shame it's only an EP, but that doesn't keep Enormicon from cramming more madness into these six tracks than many bands do in three albums.

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