Monday, September 05, 2011

Sebastian Bach-Kicking & Screaming

Frontiers Records

When Sebastian Bach offered the single "Kicking & Screaming" for download on iTunes and Amazon out of curiosity I listened to the track and quickly put it out of my mind. The former singer of Skid Row hasn't done much as of late to interest me. While I liked Skid Row's first two albums Bach's solo work (or for that matter his "Supergroup" work) has never interested me. I had put him roughly in the same category as Jani Lane. In other word's ex-lead vocalists who tanked after leaving their successful bands. So I approached "Kicking & Screaming" with admitted prejudice. The title track (as I've implied) does little for me. Bland hard rock. The next track though offered some hope. "My Own Worst Enemy" is an intense number I could have seen Skid Row putting out. It's certainly heavy enough. "TunnelVision" (Featuring John 5 of Marilyn Manson fame )is an alright number. Nothing to write home about although not horrible by any stretch. It just exists in it's own little bubble. So far the album was about what I had expected it to be. I will say the guitar playing of John 5 is nice even if the song doesn't do much for me. Next up is "Dance On Your Own Grave". More muscle metal that would have fit on 1991's "Slave to the Grind" album. "Caught In A Dream" is a somewhat mellow rock number offering little hope of appealing to serious hard rock fans. Moving on we have "As Long As I Got The Music". Let me stop right here and while I'm thinking about mention that Bach's backing band does do a good job on "Kicking & Screaming". First off you have Nick Sterling on electric and acoustic guitar, baritone guitar and bass. Sterling has played with groups/artists like Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Cheap Trick, Cinderella, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Gary Hoey, Peter Frampton, Gavin Degraw, Bachman–Turner Overdrive, Jackyl and Guns N' Roses. On drums you have Bobby Jarzombek who in addition to having worked with Sebastian Bach previously had also worked with Halford and Riot. He also has toured with Fates Warning, Arch / Matheos, Iced Earth, Rob Rock, Spastic Ink, and Juggernaut. So backing up Sebastian Bach are two very talented musicians. That said there are tracks like "I'm Alive" that had me reaching for the skip button. "Dirty Power" is alright while the number "Live The Life" had some fire to it. Part of the problem with Bach's fourth album is the fact that it is so hit or miss. The less said about "Dream Forever" the better. "One Good Reason" is another number I could take or leave. Something tells me "Lost In The Light" would have fit on a Enuff Z'Nuff album. "Wishin’" ends the digital promo with a 80's style ballid. There will be bonus tracks available depending on where or how you buy the album. "Jumpin’ Off The Wagon" will only be available on the physical copies while "Ain’t There Yet" will be a iTunes exclusive. Neither track was available for review so I can't comment on their quality. It looks as if the physical CD will come with a bonus DVD. The bonus DVD's material is listed as such: 49 minute concert/documentary including Live Arena concerts of San Sebastian MetalHead - Spain, (Love Is) A BitchSlap - Santiago, Stuck Inside - Santiago, Live The Life -Halifax, By Your Side - Bogotá, TunnelVision - Santiago, Stabbin Daggers - Bogotá, You Don't Understand - Santiago.
All Access Interview and Behind the scenes in the studio "making the record" and on the video set..
A bonus section that includes: "Kicking & Screaming", "TunnelVision" and "I'm Alive" (music videos).
Bonus Live footage of Stuck Inside (London, UK) and American MetalHead (Santiago).
I'd say this album will appeal to fan's of Sebastian Bach as well as melodic hard rock fans. For those looking for the metal of Skid Row I'd say pass on this one.


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This album was pretty average. I was surprised, but I actually liked the new House of lords better.

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