Thursday, September 01, 2011

RiverBend-Sleep Walker


Washinton state's River Bend have been going it for a few years now. They won a few local band contests and some awards. The list of influeces they included on their band biography is long indeed and includes everyone from Depeche Mode to Nine Inch Nails and from Pearl Jam to Metallica. The overall sounds has a definite 90's grunge influence mixed with hard rock udnertones. Think Alice in chains and Stone Temple Pilots with some Guns and Roses swirled in underneath. Although these guys are not content to be mere copies of a past style and they don't merely stick with the sullen moods that so often dominated some grunge artists from years ago. The aspect of River Bend's music that really impressed is just that they very strong writers. Many of the songs start out being rather basic, but these guys are not content to just stick with simple patterns. They know to switch up a song part of the way in and not only sustain their energy, but to make it grow as their songs go on. There were several songs here where it would come on and I would think I knew exactly where they were going and they would surprise me with their ideas. Really a solid effort from a band with a lot to give.

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