Sunday, September 04, 2011

Uriah Heep-Live in America


Despite a number of line-up changes over the years Uriah Heep are still going at it. They have done a few live albums over the years and perhaps I was slightly skeptical of there being a real need to release another one at this point. Those doubts were quickly put to rest as I listened to this album. Many veteran bands pop out live albums that only feature their hits. Uriah Heep don't totally go down that road as their first three songs here are "Wake the Sleeper","Overload" and "Tears of the World" which are all off of 2008's Wake the sleeper. The newer tracks are quite inspired have that Heep sound. Don't worry the band's classics are well represented too with "Gypsy","Easy livin'", "Lady in black" and more. Many bands who have been around this long some times just go through the motions on live albums. However, Uriah Heep still go it like they really enjoy playing songs and I believe them. The crowd seems to be enjoying so does the band as they seem to feed off of the positive energy and pay the fans back with an inspired performance. Live albums can frequently be rather bland, but Liv in America will surely please Uriah Heep fans.

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