Monday, September 05, 2011

House of Lords-Big Money


I suppose that I should get a few things out of the way first on this review. I have not heard all of House of Lords' albums and the ones I have heard have not impressed me. I have frequently found them to be average at best and numerous songs are quite dull. That being said I still tried to be very to be objective going into this their eighth full length album. "The next time I hold you" is a rather by the numbers ballad and "One man down" drags a bit, but most of the other songs had something to offer. The title track and "Somebody when" are slick AOR geared songs with solid solos. Neither are anything new, but both well and this is something didn't always happen on other HOL albums that I have heard in the past. Other songs like "Hologram" and "Once twice" really show some tight writing and playing. I wasn't thrilled going into this album and there are a few misfires, but overall there are enough high points to make it very worthwhile. While listening to the album for this review there were several times where I found myself hitting the repeat button because the songs were certainly worth hearing more than once. All in all this was a likable AOR/hard rock release.

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