Monday, October 31, 2011

October Fright Fest-Burnt Offerings

Around 1979 or 1980 my brother and I saw this film on TV on a dark and stormy night. It made an impression on me from the start. A family moves into a large, old house to watch it. They have to care of it and take care of the old woman upstairs. Things quickly go bad as family members run into odd occurances and the mothers begins acting strangely. The situation becomes worse and worse until the family decides to leave the house, but can they leave in time? I never saw the film again until like 15 years later. Not as great as I at first thought, but still enough scares and mystery to keep it going.

Favorite part-
Definitely the ending. Not going to spoil it for you and it may be predicatable, but the ending makes the movie.

Why you should see this film-You have to have some patience, but the acting and the ending make it worthwhile.

If you've seen it before then you should watch it again because-I only watch it every couple of years, but always enjoy it.

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