Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Fright Fest-Targets


Some horror fans may say Target isn't really a horror film. Yes, there's no vampires, zombies or lumbering monsters stalking the village. Instead it's the tale of a seemingly normal guy who snaps and begins to use his skill with a gun to just take out a people. Around the where I live we saw several years ago about how scary the threat of a sniper can be. The films captures that mood too. While the sniper goes down his bloody path we get the side story of Boris Karloff basically playing himself. He's and aged horror star ready to call it quits after promoting his final film. Scenes of these two characters are shown during the day and as the day goes on we see the two will end up at the same drive-in that night. Karloff gives a tremendous performance particularly in the ending.

Favorite part-The scene where the sniper picks off an unsuspecting driver is just way too realistic but well done nonetheless.

Why you should see this film-It may be a topic that's a bit too real for some, but it's a very well done film.

If you've seen it before then you should watch it again because-The more you see the more can feel the emotions from the performances of the two leads. Great film.

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