Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chasma-Declarations of the Grand Artificer


Consisting of just three tracks this album runs a little over half an hour. They are part of the Cascadian black metal scene. The sound could be described as experimental, but they bring in elements of black metal, thrash and more melodic styles as well. What I like about them is there is nothing subtle in their approach. Whether it's a hit or a miss they dive right into it and give all they have. If they go slow they bring in deep, dark tones and if they go fast they scream and blaze their way through. Considering two of the tracks are over 10 minutes in length and the third is just under, they really need to have a lot going on to keep their listeners interest for that amount of time. The production helps push their thick sounds to the surface and get the most out of all that is transpiring on these songs. I couldn't listen to this album every day, but it's a spectacular display of what happens when a band throws all their ideas into the mix.

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