Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blackfinger- All The Leaves Are Brown (single)

Dark Star Records

When Eric Wagner left Trouble in 2008 many people were left with the impression that he was not just walking away from the band but music as well. While he had been with the band since the very beginning it appeared he just simply had had enough of the constant touring. So he didn't completely cut off music as is evident by this new single. For the record Eric has been recording under the band name Blackfinger since ending his time with the doom metal greats. It is hard not to expect this new project to sound like the band Trouble. Since Eric's voice is one of the things that made Trouble stand out so much with Blackfinger I'd wager that others will get the same sort of vibe I did. "All The Leaves Are Brown" isn't going to suddenly thrust Eric back into the spotlight obviously. What it does do though is make me wonder what a full-length album would sound like. While Eric's other post-Trouble project Lid sounded like an acid soaked Led Zeppelin this song reminds me more of the white metal warriors work. There is a real 70's heavy metal feel here along with an obvious nod to Trouble making Blackfinger a intriguing project. I'm keeping my figures crossed that this leads to a full-length album in 2012!


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