Thursday, December 15, 2011


Handshake Inc./Grindcore Karaoke

((Thorlock)) play a brand stoner rock with plenty of twang wound into the fuzzed out riffs. There's definitely some 1970's influences at the heart of their sound with perhaps some Allman Brothers, Hawkwind and others mixed in here. However they apply plenty of reverb and thick twists to their formula. Most of their tracks like "Deuce" and "Assneck" are short, straight-up stompers. Just when I thought I had this band completely pegged they haul out to tracks that are 18 minutes plus a piece in "Mississippi Wheelwash" and "Beyond cosmic dimensions". Both have a similar groove to the shorter tracks, but the structures are different. It's on the two long tracks where they demonstrate not just their musical chops, but there skills as songwriters as well. They show their patience and their control and building the song up and keeping it going for the duration. If there is a shortcoming for this band is that several songs have a very similar sounds to the music and the vocals which causes some of the songs to bleed together. Overall a fun album that keeps bouncing along enough to keep your interest.

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