Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Of the Heap: Scorpions

Andy says-

Its mind boggling to think that the Scorpions were formed back in 1965. When you consider that fact and that they also didn't start out as a heavy metal band then the transformation that took place over the course of six albums is amazing. "Lovedrive" was released in 1979 and proved to be the start of the group's transformation into more of a radio-friendly style of heavy metal. With Uli Jon Roth quiting the group UFO's Michael Schenker returned to the fold for what would prove to be the band's most metallic offering. The disc kicks off with the stomper "Loving You Sunday Morning" followed by the cut "Another Piece of Meat". Both of these tracks are pure 70's heavy metal and classic Scorpion tunes. I love the title track as well. It sounds like something UFO would write even though it wasn't written by Michael Schenker. Speaking of UFO the instrumental "Coast to Coast" is another song that sounds remarkably similar to Schenker's earlier band. Changing gears somewhat "Is There Anybody There?" is a song that doesn't get enough airplay even though it stands well on its own. Yes it is a tad odd structure wise and yet I love the song regardless. The fantastic "I Can't Get Enough" is a song I can't get enough of and I even dig the song "Holiday". Sure it is a ballad and more or less started the trend of having all of these slow songs on their albums. But it is what it is and frankly it is a damn fine ballad. I can't forget about "Always Somewhere". This is another tune that few Scorpion fans know of and yet the arrangement is top notch. All in all "Lovedrive" is just a killer hard rock album and one of the band's most consistent LPs.


Metal Mark says-

This is a tough choice. I would say that anything between "Virgin Killer" and "Love at first sting" would be a good choice for their best album as I think that was their real prime. I go back and forth between "Lovedrive" and "Blackout", but usually it's the latter. I was first introduced to the Scorps via the radio around 83-84 as they were frequently played on my local channel and I actually I think they still are. No surprise there because alongs with the likes of Motorhead I would say that the Scorps are on of if not the most consistant metal bands of all time. There is a certain formula to their music although to the extent of say AC/DC. There sound has changed some depending on what guitarist was teamed up with Rudy Schenker at the time. However for me "Blackout" is the ultimate combination of heavy rockers, steady stompers and solid slow tracks. These guys were always ahead of the curve in many ways. One example of that is while I may cringe when many hard rock/metal bands did a ballad, that normally didn't happen with this band. Even most of their ballads were cool because they were talented enough to know that slow song could still be tough if you didn't wrap it in silly sappy nonsense. Now I feel the need to pull out some of these albums again and give them the playing time that they deserve.

***What is your favorite Scorpions album?

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Blogger non de guerre said...

Love at First Sting

7:26 PM  
Blogger T-_Bone said...

I liked the Scorpions better as a prog act, as I never really loved their brand of metal. Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism were OK, but nothing special for me.

So, my favorite Scorpions album is Lonesome Crow.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Fly To The Rainbow is the album I always keep going back to. Uli, Francis, Jurgen and Achim were all in the band Dawn Road, and they essentially joined the Scorpions (who only included Klaus and Rudolph at the time)to record the album. I think it's an amazing piece of early 70's German rock.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Magpie said...

Blackout remains my favourite simply because it was the first one I owned, and all the Maiden/Priest/Rush/whatever from that period marked the beginning of my love for metal. Granted the production was a little thin, and the sound hasn't aged too well, but dammit I still love it.

12:41 AM  

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