Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Metal Blade
RAM formed back in 1999 with the founding members wanting to form a real metal band as they were unhappy with the current metal scene of the day. RAM hails from Gothenburg, Sweden which is a place known mostly for it's melodic death metal. These guys went a different route though going back to classic metal roots. "Death" is there fourth album, third full length and first on Metal Blade. Most the tracks are mid-tempo with a few slower bits worked in the middle here and there, but only breifly. The two most common influences I hear are Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest, but I am sure that plenty of lesser influences can be heard throughout the album.
"...Comes from the mouth" is one of the top tracks with it's winding early Mercyfal Fate type passages. The early Judas Priest inspired "Release Me" is another top track here with it's pounding beats and searing vocals. RAM stick to a fairly predictable script, but they do it very well. All the licks, solos, beats, thumping bass lines and every word of the vocals just scream out late 70's to early-mid 80's metal. They just jump it and rip it up and they are strong in every aspect except of course originality. If you enjoy metal from years ago then this is definitely a treasure.

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