Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zebulon Pike-Space is the corpse of time


Thanksgiving was almost two months ago, but that doesn't mean that I still can't thankful for the return of Zebulon Pike. So we get the first album from since 2008's Intransience and their forth total. If you are unfamiliar with this band they are prog/stoner/doom instrumental masters. They have an electric yet elaborate sound because it encompasses so many styles, but unlike some other bands of similar genres they don't to caught up in themselves. They realize it's about the music not about the individual players. Each of the five songs here has it's own personality. Each track clocks in around the ten minute mark. Given the length and this band's ability for diving into different styles you are treated to so many various sounds and tones on every track. At times they meander around a bit longer than most people might like, but hold on because eventually they are going somewhere with each musical passage. I found this album to be slightly darker in tone than some of their previous work, but that was with me because they weave that mood into the proceedings on spectacular fashion. Probably an album that requires some real patience from the listener, but well worth the effort.

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