Monday, February 27, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Bang-s/t

In the late 60's to the early 70's there were a lot of bands playing heavy fuzzed rock of varying styles and degrees. Some got noticed and some didn't yet many made and impact on the sound that would become metal. One of the best who never quite got their due was Florida's Bang. Like many heavy bands of the day they had a blues rock based sound although not as outward as say someone like Cactus. Bang frequently get compared to Black Sabbath. There is definitely some similarities, but I would say a better comparison would be Virginia's Pentagram or at least this self-titled album from Bang is close in style what Pentagram would soon be recording. Bang still had their own flavor too and that's what made them interesting and in my book one of the more memorable early metal band's of the day. On this album in addition to the mandatory fuzzed out riffs they have an almost disjointed pace at times. It's almost awkward in some songs yet it gives their songs a real personality even if the flow in unexpected at times. What's most surprisinmg to me every time I hear this album is how confident this young trio sounds. They come across like a band that had been at this for years. There work after this isn't as powerful to my ears although some people prefer it. These guys were metal pioneers and you have never heard them before you need to check them out.

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