Monday, February 20, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Inzest-Another religion.....another violence


Topping my "you probably have not heard this, but you sure need to list" is this album. This four song seven inch flexi disc was self-produced by Japan's Inzest back in 1987 . This is total noise (for the time) with some shades crossover mixed in, but mostly just noice. Although unlike more well known noise of the time like Cryptic Slaughter, these guys actually had some direction and knew how put their energy into it instead of just blasting around without a purpose. Every track is under two minutes in length so before you know it the whole thing is over. They look like little kids with nothing to do on the cover. Yet they knew how to put pure rage into their brief bone busting songs. The lyrics are rather barely audible rants about war, money, religion and other rather typical topics of the time. Yet where this band really excel is in how they mix power and speed into raging attacks. I so wish these guys had gotten to record a full length efofrt. Plus I definitely feel that any grindcore, hardcore or thrash band of today could certainly learn a thing or two by listening to this blistering little album.

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