Sunday, February 19, 2012

Current playlist

What we are currently listening to...

1) Fifth Angel-S/T
2)Exodus-Bonded By Blood
3)Ramones Mania
4)Geddes Axe-Escape From New York 1980-83
5)Anti-Nowhere League-The Punk Rock Anthology
6)Cold Steel-Freakboy
7)Pandemonium-The Kill
9)Cobra-Lethal Strike
10)Rapid Tears-Honestly/Cry For Mercy

Metal Mark-
Ted Nugent-Full bluntal Nugety
Sacred Few-Beyond the iron walls
Black Breath-Sentenced to life
Wo Fat-Psychodelanaut
Van Halen-A different kind of truth
Sigh-In somniphobia
Mystic Force-The eternal quest
Genocide-Submit to Genocide
Salem's Wych-Betrayer of kings
Zebulon Pike-Space is the corpse of time

***What are you listening to?



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