Friday, February 17, 2012

Midnight Blue-Take the Money And Run 2012 Re-Release


For those of you not familiar with British melodic rock band Midnight Blue they are perhaps best known for having featured the one and only Doogie White. While he currently might be fronting British metal band Tank the fact is White has been at the game for a long time now starting off with La Paz back in 1984. Around the time of Midnight Blue's formation in 1988 White had been in Rainbow after having auditioned for and losing out to both Iron Maiden and Pink Cream 69. With Midnight Blue here was a chance for White to front a band and have quite the bit of input instead of simply just playing the hired gun role. Joining him for this lone 1994 release would be Heavy Pettin'/Gun/Bruce Dickinson guitarist Alex Dickson, Tobruk/FM/UFO keyboard player Jem Davis, ex-Blackwych bass player Niall Canning and ex-Tobruk drummer Eddie Fincher. Based in London at the time "Take the Money And Run" saw a Japanese release in 1994 on Zero Records. Despite a sound rich in style and substance and an eye toward the melodic rock of groups like FM, Heartland, Praying Mantis and Tobruk the band were never able to get that one big deal that would have put them over. Now, here it is 2012 and thanks to Yesterrock this top notch melodic rock masterpiece gets a second chance to shine bright and lest I mince words this is a stellar release folks. "Take the Money And Run" is melodic rock at it's best full of great guitar hooks, flashy keyboard driven numbers and wonderful sing-a-long chorus moments that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Doogie White may still sound great to these ears now in 2012 but with Midnight Blue he was at the top of his game. He offers a commanding presence on numbers like the rocking opener "I Surrender" and the excellent "Till The Morning". The backing band gels together so well through cuts like "Call Me" "Little Heartbreak" and "Hands Of A Lover". Even the ballads "Remember" and "One Way To Heaven" sound great and offer moments of melodic rock bliss. While the original 13 track album was great with the re-release Yesterrock has tacked on two unreleased bonus tracks called "Hurts When We Do It" and "Only Girl'. Both tracks are easy on the ears making this re-release a must-own for melodic rock fans. With it's new cover artwork and improved sound (whoever had a hand in the remastered process really made this gem shine!) Yesterrock has put out one over the top release. Simply put this is the sound of melodic rock done right. "Take the Money And Run" is available for purchase at


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