Thursday, February 16, 2012

Black Breath-Sentenced to life

Southern Lord

I remember the first time I heard this band a few years ago on their Razor to Oblivion EP. I was intrigued by their cross of old thrash, death metal and hardcore. Now a few years later the production values on their music have improved, but the band still has their raw musical foundation intact. If anything they have become even more savage. Think about the sounds of Celtic Frost, Venom, Slayer, Discharge and Broken Bones all being tossed into blender. Then set it on high pour it out, up the tempo and make it even nastier. That's a start for describing where Black Breath are at now, but that doesn't quite do them justice. The influences are there and always have been for this band, but with "Sentenced to life" I hear a band really coming into their own. They have been a vicious band since they first emerged, but now I hear them defining themselves and really going with this sound. You call their music death/crossover/crust or whatever you want, but whatever it is they are owning it and really taking controlling. The ten tracks here total around just 35 minutes, but during that time they spun my head around numerous times. One of the most brutal albums of the year so far and I firmly expect to feel that way at the end of this year as well. Definitely worth checking out.

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