Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters-Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free

AFM Records

Metal Mark actually sent this promo to me back in January and as usual I dropped the ball on it. I have no real excuse as to why I let this "interesting" release sit for so long so with that let us take a stroll into the mind that is one Mr. Al Jourgensen. Yes, this is another side-project from Ministry's infamous founder/mad man. Rather than industrial metal though this is deep fried cow metal. And as a means of paying homage to his longtime country music hero Buck Owens the Ministry mastermind took the name Buck Satan. Somewhere Owens is smiling no doubt as Al takes country fried rock/metal and gives it the old one-two punch he is so well known for. Among many others Al (or Buck Satan if you will) enlisted Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Tony Campos of Static-X and Mike Scaccia of Rigor Mortis fame. Alongside the bunch is a variety of guest musicians tackling fiddles, cellos, pedal steel guitars, mandolins and banjos all in an attempt at making this one as cowpunk as possible. The end result is sure to make for some line dancing and stage diving fun!


Blogger non de guerre said...

I think the album is hilarious. Nice review, Andy.

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