Friday, February 03, 2012

The Kosher Komp Vol. 2

Kosher Metal

Let me ask you something folks. What is better than heavy metal compilation albums? Nothing is! Especially if they are free for the taking! Kosher Metal might be a funny name and all but it belongs to one quite excellent Southern California-based online metal radio station. Now just as they did with Vol. 1 Kosher Metal have offered their second compilation album called "The Kosher Komp Vol. 2” via their website at for free! While I was unable to get around to reviewing volume 1 (hey it happens!) for you fine folks I can tell you that it featured some simply amazing underground extreme music! Vol. 2 looks promising with bands Age Of Menace, American Hell, Avete Monstrum, Death Audio, Denial Machine, I Magnified, IMAIM, Korotory, Lefutray, Mouth Of The Serpent, Nekrogoblikon, NUCLEAR, Sentenced On Sunday, Separation Of Sanity and Speedpig lined up to lay down the metal hammer! While digital downloads are fine and all I do realize that some of you out there might be more old fashioned and want something physical to carry around. With that the site is offering a very limited supply of CD copies. Only 150 COPIES will be made in total and each copy will be individually numbered for all of you heavy metal collectors out there. And at only $6 a CD the price is beyond reasonable. With all profits being re-invested in Kosher Metal you can enjoy great music while helping to support companies that are invested in the future of heavy metal. It is a win-win situation!


Blogger Andy said...

Before anyone says anything I just realized that the picture is for the Kosher Komp Vol. 1! That said it is the same art for both of them so it really matters little right?

3:50 PM  
Blogger Edumtr said...

Great Blog! Check out and lets exchange banners/links! Cheers!

7:12 PM  

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