Friday, February 03, 2012

Sonic Station-Sonic Station

Frontiers Records

New West coast AOR Project Sonic Station is lead by Swedish guitarist, composer and producer Alexander Kronbrink. Kronbrink honed his skills under smooth Jazz star Jonathan Fritzén and was turned onto the soft rock/AOR styling of Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, composer and producer David Foster and guitarist Jay Graydon by his neighbor Lee Ritenour. While attending the Royal College of Music in Stockholm the roots of Sonic Station were planted when he meet singer/pianist Marika Willstedt. Together they form the nucleus of this stunning soft rock/AOR project. Influenced by Toto, Mr. Mister, Airplay, Journey and Chicago the duo enlisted various session musicians for what would end up being nothing short of a AOR masterpiece. This stunning debut is highlighted by Marika's beautiful vocals and majestic keyboard work. While the lead vocals are split up amongst Marika Willstedt, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Magnus Bäcklund and Tove Lo the best tracks remain those in which Marika is able to explore the depths of her soul. As a whole the record has a very warm feel and in some ways is more adult contemporary than anything else. Kronbrink's guitar solos are infused as much with AOR as they are with soft rock and jazz touches. Even for a Frontiers Records release this album is very light and soft in it's approach and yet I simply felt pulled in by it's warm glow and beautiful compositions. No doubt this release would have been huge on 80's AM radio with it's majestic pop approach. Even so I could see this one getting rave responses on light rock stations in the near future. A stunning debut if I do say so.

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