Monday, January 30, 2012

Ten things I think about hard rock and metal in 1992

When I started this blog almost seven years ago one thing I wanted to do was briefly reflect on metal from twenty years ago. So each year I make a top ten album list from the year that was twenty years ago and my 1992 list is coming soon. The other thing I do each year is a lits where I reflect on ten things I think about metal from that year. My perspective now may be different from what it was back then. The year 1992 was a bit of an odd year. The musical wave of heavy music was changing as grunge was in full swing and plenty of metal and hard rock acts were either getting the axe from their labels or really feeling the heat. So here are ten things I think about metal and hard rock in 1992.

1-With Fear of the dark Iron Maiden proved that No prayer for the dying was no fluke, they were having serious problems.
2-This was a big year for death metal, maybe one of if the best ones of the decade.
3-It was also a fine year for doom and stoner rock too even though that genre was still a few years away from the seeing a real explosion of bands.
4-Revenge from KISS was a decent attempt to be better, but the results were just alright. However it was enough to keep KISS afloat during a rough time for hard rock.
5-Despite being a big fan of John Bush I still think firing Joey Belladonna and hiring John Bush was not a good move. Anthrax were better with Belladonna and Bush was better with Armored Saint.
6-Tora Tora's Wild America isn't very original, but it's a very catchy album.
7-No matter how many time I have played Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer I still think it's a mixed bag at best.
8-Thought Industry's debut "Songs for insects" was one of the most original albums in some time, but the band never quite came close that level again.
9-As poor as Def Leppard's Hysteria was 1992's Adrenalize was even worse.
10-Despite the changing musical climate G-n-R were still huge even in a year where they were just touring. It's a shame that a new album of original songs wasn't coming any time soon.

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