Saturday, January 28, 2012

Forgotten Gems: Soothsayer-To be a real terrorist


I remember back around 1989 hearing about an album called "Have a good time" by a Canadian band called Soothsayer. I am not sure if I remember any reviews of it, but for some reason I remember hearing that this band was supposed to be good. I didn't hear it then and it would be a few years before I would hear it. Once I heard it I wasn't too thrilled about it. It was alright, but it as much a joke album as it was thrash. The problem was it wasn't that funny and it was quite honestly messy. So I forgot about this band for years until a little over a year ago. I stumbled upon a discussion about Soothsayer where one person was saying they heard good things about Soothsayer, but didn't care for "Have a good time". The other person said that the band's 1986 demo was much better and that people should track that down. I did find a download of it and indeed it's great blast of thrash mixed with some hardcore bits. Actually it's fairly heavy for 1986 and I hear Slayer, Destruction, DRI, Broken Bones and others including fellow Canadian thrash act Sacrifice. The sound on this demo is thick and tight with the vocals screaming along too on songs like "Death Radiation" and "Deadly fear". Okay, now with this demo I could see why fans would speak some praise for this band. I am not sure why their musical direction changed by the time they did their full length LP. A lot of things can change for a band in three years as it did here. I also discovered that a few years ago there was a CD release of "To be a real terrorist" with a remastered version of the demo plus a live show from 1987. I picked that up and the demo sound good cleaned up plus the band sounds solid live although on the show they get into some of the silly tracks that would end up on "Have a good time". Whether you download the demo or find the CD with the remastered version, I would definitely say this is worth a listen.

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