Friday, January 20, 2012

Church of misery-Master of brutality

Rise Above/Metal Blade

This album was originally released back in 2001 on Southern Lord. There have been other re-issues prior to this edition as well. Japanese band Church of misery play stoner rock/doom with many of the songs being about serial killers. This is fairly typical swirling down tuned fodder with basic structures nd not many turns and twists. However the tones and the way they hit on every note and beat is what helps make this one better than just ordinary. They chug and churn their way through their songs with a definite 70's influence s underneath the layers of sound. One of my favorite tracks was their cover of BOC's Cities on flame. I have heard so many bands of this genre misfire on covers because they put nothing of themselves into it. However these guys remain faithful to the original, but put their own stamp onto it as well. Hearing most of the songs being about serial killers isn't really my thing, but I loved the music and on that level they certainly kept my interest throughout the album. I didn't hear this when it first came out, but certainly enjoy it now. This re-issue from Rise Above includes bonus tracks.

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Blogger Andy said...

I will havt to look into this one Mark. Especially since that cover sounds inspired. Love BOC!

10:10 AM  

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