Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forgotten Gems: Johnny Touch-Fight For It Demo

Abysmal Sound

Can a forgotten gem be only two years old? Sure, why not. We have not set any firm rules in stone or anything right? Besides, I'm not sure how else to go about reviewing this 2010 demo since it isn't a modern day release. Or at least modern in the sense of under six months. So with that (and since I've been on a real traditional heavy metal kick lately) I thought why not just share this demo with fellow minded rock and heavy metal fans? Seeing as it is making the rounds at all the various heavy metal blog sites I visit there must be something to this three-track demo. By way of the group's Myspace page (link below) I'm directed towards groups like Judas Priest, Loudness, Metal Church, Cloven Hoof, Diamond Head, King Diamond, Rainbow, Cities, Megadeth, Van Halen and Toxik as a point of reference. Fair enough I'd say. Maybe throw in some Black Sabbath and Dio although neither quite reaches the dark corners Johnny Touch aim for. Heck, if one didn't know better you might even swear you felt some of that punk metal (Motorhead, Tank, Venom,etc) that we grew up on although it could just be my imagination. Anyway, this particular hard, heavy and somewhat fast group comes straight out of Australia and features Sam Marzden on lead vocals, Jamie Whyte - lead guitars (which are a blast from the past), Damon Good-bass and Denny Blake -drums/guitar. Given the song titles ("Knife Fight Night", "Master Your Masters" and "Leather Reputation") you should know that this demo is a nod to the old school or the "lost scene" as they put it. This one was a cassette release limited to only 300 copies so I've provided a link below for the download. If you like your music (metal) to be heavy/speed/power then you'll want to check this out. I must give props to the excellent site "Cassette Back to Rock Again" for the link. That is where I first ran across this three-track delight. I'm not sure who originally posted this demo but whoever it was had good taste!


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