Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Entice-s/t


This six song demo was done by Michigan based trio Entice. Some sources say it was 1991 and one source said it was originally done in 1989 so I am not exactly which is correct. Now the band name sounds like a glam band to me while the rough cover made me think of a death metal band. Actually they are neither. They play a tight crunchy style of metal that gets beyond a mid-tempo, but only rarely gets up to the thrash level. The main influences I hear are Metal Church, Vicious Rumors and King Diamond (musically not so much vocally). They have tight fisted riffs and a fair amount of variation in the form of pace changes. The production is slightly fuzzy, but it's still good enough to hear the potential this band had. The guitars were everything they needed to be and the rhythm section was strong. The vocals are limited in range but blend in well enough with the music. Not too much is known about these guys which is a shame because they sure had some real potential. The first five tracks are about topics such as witchcraft and war. The last track "Kill the posers" is a joke song making fun of hair bands of the time. It's kind of dated and silly, but still funny although it doesn't fit real well with the other tracks. The Retrothrash division of Retrospect records re-issued this album a few years ago. I bought it around the time it came out and wasn't hugely impressed for some reason. So I stuck it in with my stacks of discs and this past weekend I was re-arranging some furniture and found this disc in a CD cabinet. After giving it a spin the other day I realized that I had certainly overlooked it because it's much better than I remembered it being.

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