Monday, February 06, 2012

All Else Fails-The Oracle, What Was, Is, and Could Have Been

Suicidal Bride Records

Released back in August of last year this release might have passed me by (and landed in the digital trashcan) if not for the bold proclamation that it had been nominated "Metal Album of Year" at the 2012 Edmonton Music Awards. Such honors just screamed out "listen to me!" so I pulled some strings to get a copy of the album. In other words I just typed back "um, this link is no longer working so can I get a new streaming copy to check out?". Soon enough a new link arrived in my inbox and while sitting down to work on some custom Army Of Darkness figures with my soon to be 12 year old son I let this bad boy out of the cage. Sure enough the album is a ragging beast full of punk, metalcore, rock and melodic thrash pieces and parts. And yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus because it was like Christmas in February with this killer album! I'm not entirely sold on metalcore anymore so I'll just throw that out first. There is metalcore here and then some. Ok, with that cat out of the heavy metal bag it is also an album chuck full of sweet riffs, melody and a fist pumping, pulse racing soundtrack of youthful rage and anarchy. Socially conscious and lyrically poetic this Edmonton, Alberta four-piece has gifted us with an album that is anything but common even with all the familiar sounds and styles. It is no wonder they are up for a "Metal Album of The Year". Great stuff.


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