Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Agincourt-Angels Of Mons

Agincourt Music/ High Roller Records

Formed in the Holy land of heavy metal back in 1991 Agincourt looked primed to make some noise thanks to their classic style of British steel. Problem was grunge came into the picture and out goes this incredibly talented NWOBHM influenced act. Fast forward some years and in 2008 the band got back together and ended up releasing what just might be one of the better NWOBHM albums to be released since 1991! Drawing on bands like Saxon, Blitzkrieg, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Thin Lizzy helped shape this band into one powerful unit full of both melody and heavy metal swagger. Initially this one was a self-release until High Roller Records came along and re-released it. One can see what drew the label to these guys as here we have classic metal that recalls everyone from Iron Maiden to Saracen. Bits here and there bring to mind Cloven Hoof, Demon and Satan along with other bands from the movement like Angel Witch and Def Leppard. This is one of those albums that fans of NWOBHM will drool over and man was it ever a trip down memory lane for me helping me to remember why I feel in love with acts like Holocaust and Diamondhead in the first place! Killer album and worth tracking down.


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