Sunday, February 19, 2012

Forgotten Gem: Forever's Edge-Chaotic Silence

Nightmare Records

This particular piece of musical bliss was sent to me by my friends at Team All About The Music. In the past this group has sent me great promos from the likes of A Band Of Orcs, Above This, Krampus and Truth Corroded (among others). This latest one, "Chaotic Silence" continues in that tradition which means this is one fine release and that Team All About The Music really knows their stuff and doesn't get behind a band unless there is real talent. Now, since this release is obviously a few years old I have decided that the best way to present this album would be as a Forgotten Gem. With that I'm throwing this solid release out there to you the masses as a present. Those of you who love progressive power metal especially should perk up as "Chaotic Silence" was the debut album from New Jersey's own progressive minded power metal outfit Forever's Edge and ladies and gentlemen this one is easy on the ears and good for your soul. This is a release sure to appeal not only to Suspyre fan's (since it does feature Suspyre members Clay Barton on vocals, Andrew Distabile on bass, and Gregg Rossetti on saxophone) but also progressive power metal lovers and melodic power metal fans alike. The three Suspyre members are joined by guitarist Salvatore Pisano (Into the Dementia), drummer Sam "Samus" Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, Eliminator, Reign of Vengeance, Abigail Williams, Abysmal Gates as well as many others!) and keyboardist Stephen Kain. Now, let me just start off by saying that even though "Chaotic Silence" does feature three members of the band before you go off thinking that all this is just some sort of Suspyre side-project that isn't always the case. From the word go all of this is the result of guitarist Salvatore Pisano ambitions and drive and despite the obvious connections to the Jersey's Suspyre this does have the ability to stand firmly on it's own feet. However much you might want to paint this as Suspyre part 2 the band started out as a vision of Salvatore Pisano and as such it has a somewhat different flow to it from it's symphonic introduction to album closer, "Closed Eyes" . "Everlost" and "In The Dark" are both great power metal numbers as is the solid “Damnation – We Rise". While these tracks might appease traditional power metal fans I much preferred the mellow number “Divide In I”. The number features guest vocals by Sharon MacPherson and her voice is nothing short of memorizing. The song features plenty of splashy keyboard touches but it is the duet between MacPherson and Clay Barton that really makes it special. This number spoke to me on a personal level and I just loved the softer approach it offered. I also really like "Demon Creation" which presented itself with more of a progressive metal edge. The contrast between these various songs made the album an interesting listen and one suspects that with time any flaws this debut shows (such as the lack of distinction between certain power metal numbers) will be corrected as the band grows and moves forward. For a debut album this is a great starting point and I can see great things from this band as they improve upon their humble beginnings. As they go forward I can see Forever's Edge gaining greater skill as a power metal outfit and hopefully a band that shakes things up thanks to other influences and genre samplings. Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect out of "Chaotic Silence" and as the album's ten tracks wrapped up with the excellent "Closed Eyes" I couldn't have been happier. This is certainly not an album that will appeal to each and every metal fan out there but for those who love the experience of emotionally driven music this is one release worth checking out!

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